Management with Marc Bugon, Philippe Voirol, Adrian Hug, Raffaello Pietropaolo and Fabian Baumer (from left to right)
Adrian Hug

Adrian Hug, Direktor: Adrian Hug has been the Director of the Federal Tax Administration since 1 April 2013. He studied law and is an attorney-at-law. After holding different positions within the Zurich cantonal tax authority, he took over as the head of the city of Zurich tax authority in 2001. He became head of the cantonal tax authority in 2007.

Marc Bugnon

Marc Bugnon, Head of the Main Division of the DAS: Marc Bugnon is Deputy Director of the FTA since 2015. He studied law, worked at the administrative court of the canton of Fribourg and was Head of the DAS Legal Division from 2004 until he became Head of the Main Division for Direct Federal Tax, Anticipatory Tax and Stamp Duty (DAS) in 2014.

Raffaello Pietropaolo

Raffaello Pietropaolo, Head of the Main Value Added Tax Division: Raffaello Pietropaolo is Vice Director and has headed the Main Value Added Tax Division since 2016. He complete his law degree in 1998. He worked from 2000 to 2008 in the Legal Division of the Main VAT Division and then moved to an international consultancy firm where he ran the VAT division of its Bern branch until 2016.

Fabian Baumer

Fabian Baumer, Head of the Main Division for Tax Policy: Fabian Baumer has been Vice Director since 2008 and heads the Main Division for Tax policy. Fabian Baumer is an attorney-at-law and federally certified tax expert. He used to work as a tax consultant in an international law firm and was also Head of Legal services at the Aargau Tax Office.

Philippe Voirol

Philippe Voirol, Head of the Resources Main Division: Since June 2019, Philippe Voirol has been Head of the Main Division Resources and Vice Director of the FTA. He joined the FTA in the end of 2015 as Head of the IT-Division and Deputy Head of the Main Division Resources. As Chief Information Officer (CIO), he additionally played an important role in developing the Digital Platform (DIP).


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