Forms Domicile abroad

Claim to refund of Swiss anticipatory tax for entitled ones with domicile abroad

For filling out the following declaration forms, the free software Snapform Viewer must be installed.

The receipt of the claims for refund of Swiss anticipatory tax is not confirmed. The claims are processed depending on the date of receipt. The length of processing the claims depends on the quality of the received claims as well as on the quantity received. Processing can take up to several months. We kindly ask you to be patient considering that more than 300'000 claims have to be processed every year. Thank you for your understanding.

80 - Sweden (QDF, 130 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.20

83 - France (QDF, 139 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.11

84 - Austria (QDF, 62 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.30

85 - Germany (QDF, 64 kB, 08.09.2020)Valid for income with due dates up to 31 December 2019

87 - Norway (QDF, 76 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.21

89 - Denmark (QDF, 79 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.23

90 - Spain (2013-08-24) (QDF, 131 kB, 08.09.2020)Valid for incomes submitted to the Swiss anticipatory tax due from 24.08.2013
Article no.: 605.020.24

95 - Italia (QDF, 115 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.29

98 - Australia (QDF, 147 kB, 08.09.2020)Valid for incomes submitted to the Swiss anticipatory tax due from 01.01.2015
Article no.: 605.020.33

25 A - Claim to refund of the Swiss anticipatory tax for claimants resident outside Switzerland (QDF, 96 kB, 08.09.2020)Article no.: 605.020.05
Can obtain a refund with this form: shareholders of Swiss Collective Investment Vehicles resident outside Switzerland, in the condition that at least 80 percent of the income of these units comes from foreign sources (art. 27 of the memorandum of understanding of the federallaw about the Swiss anticipatory tax - MoULAl). These persans are entitled to a refund of the anticipatory tax deducted for their own if, at the due date of the income subjected to this tax, they had the beneficial ownership on the units which produced the income (art. 21 of the federallaw about the Swiss anticipatory tax - LAD, and were moreover not domiciled in Switzerland and do not have, for the reason of their simple stay, to pay taxes on their income or on their fortune in Switzerland (art. 22 LAl).

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