Snapform Viewer

The software Snapform Viewer offers the possibility to the users of filling out forms comfortably at the PC of storing on a data medium and of printing on white paper.

  1. Please download the Snapform Viewer.

  2. Install the software after program guidance. So that the software functions perfectly, please do not change the attitudes.

  3. Please download the desired form.
  4. Fill out the form completely. All fields with the yellow triangle must be absolutely filled out.

  5. Print the form with all supplements on white paper. Sign the documents.

  6. Please observe the instructions on the last side.

Export / Import

Data from an old form can be imported into a new form.

  1. Open the old form.
  2. Export the data (File > Export data > QDD file...).
  3. Open the new form.
  4. Import data (File > Import data > QDD file).
  5. Save the new form.

Last modification 26.10.2021

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