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FTA SuisseTax - Electronic VAT tax-sheet

Your advantage: Fast, secure and free
We want to make the submission of VAT returns as easy as possible to our tax partners. The best way is our electronic portal FTA SuisseTax. This offers the following functions:
- Electronic submission of VAT returns and correction slips
- Electronic submission of yearly correction slips
- Electronic extension of delays
- Business review with the pending and completed accounts
- Electronic user management

Advertising clip electronic VAT tax-sheet  (MP4, 133 MB, 25.11.2015)

FTA SuisseTax - Electronic withholding tax

Our aim is to make the submission of requests for the refund of withholding tax as easy as possible for our tax partners. The best way to achieve this is our electronic FTA SuisseTax portal, which offers you the following functions:
- Electronic submission of refund requests (form 25)
- Case overview of the pending and completed requests submitted via the portal
- Electronic user administration

FTA SuisseTax is quick, secure and clear.

Advertising clip electronic withholding tax (MP4, 167 MB, 12.04.2016)



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