Declaring or reporting Swiss Withholding Tax

Our aim is to make the submission of requests for the refund of withholding tax as easy as possible for our tax partners. The best way to achieve this is on ePortal.

Withholding tax
Declaration and refund for Swiss residents (Form 102 / 103 / 110)

Quick and secure settlement of withholding tax online

The ePortal offers you the following functions:

  • Electronic submission of following forms:
    • Withholding tax on benefits in kind, form 102
    • Withholding tax on the income from domestic shares, participation and dividend-right certificates, Form 103 (without reporting instead of paying)
    • Withholding tax on the income from company shares, participation and dividend-right certificates of domestic limited liability companies, Form 110 (without reporting instead of paying)
  • Case overview of the pending and completed requests submitted via the portal
  • Electronic user administration (adding and changing user rights)

Questions & answers about declaring or reporting the Withholding Tax


Last modification 25.03.2024

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