FTA services in ePortal

You will find all of the FTA's online services in ePortal. You can launch ePortal using the ePortal services link at the top right of this page or by clicking directly on ePortal. ePortal has replaced FTA SuisseTax.

The FTA services in ePortal

You will find the services as tiles on the ePortal homepage. They are labelled with the name of the service and the responsible federal office. Find out more about the FTA's online services here.

Manage all permissions for your companies and services in myFTA, with the exception of "Withholding tax (German residents)", "AEOI" and "CbCR". You can also grant powers of attorney here. Or transfer existing data and permissions from FTA SuisseTax here.

Report VAT
You have two options for submitting a VAT declaration.

VAT certificates
Use VAT certificates to retrieve business registration certificates and certificates of registration or to have one confirmed. The business registration certificate is required abroad as proof in the refund procedure for claiming a refund of foreign value added tax and for the tax return. The VAT certificate of registration provides proof of entry in the Swiss VAT register.

Withholding tax in Switzerland
Manage withholding tax online. You can declare and settle domestic withholding tax (form 103 / 110) or you can have it refunded (form 25). The service allows you to track outstanding or completed transactions.

Withholding tax for German residents
If you are resident in Germany and would like to claim a refund of Swiss withholding tax, you can request the withholding tax refund online. The service includes the form F85 for Germany. You manage the permissions directly in this service and not via myFTA.

Radio and TV fee
Manage the corporate radio and television fee online. In addition to calculating the fee, the service also includes the option of forming and managing fee groups or groups of autonomous units. Moreover, you can submit a request for a refund of the corporate radio and television fee.


Tax calculator
Compare or calculate your taxes with the FTA's online tax calculator or generate historical tax burden statistics and cantonal tax data.

Banks, collective investment vehicles and insurance companies use the AEOI (Automatic Exchange Of Information) service to transmit information on types of investment income and client account balances if the client is resident abroad for tax purposes. The FTA forwards this information to the relevant foreign tax authorities. You manage the permissions directly in this service and not via myFTA.

Multinational enterprises use the CbCR (Country by Country Reporting) service to submit their report on the global allocation of turnover, taxes paid, other key figures by country and information on all legal entities. The report has to be submitted to the FTA no later than twelve months after the end of the reporting tax period. The CbC report has to comply with the technical guidelines and be in XML format. You manage the permissions directly in this service and not via myFTA.

How can I register in ePortal?

You need to register for most ePortal services. There are two ways to do so.

  1. If you have already had dealings with the FTA and used FTA SuisseTax for these, follow these instructions to transfer your data from FTA SuisseTax to ePortal. N.B.: Do not click on "Create new user" immediately after accessing ePortal. Similarly, do not click on "Log in" yet.
  2. If you have already had dealings with the FTA and did not use FTA SuisseTax for these, or if this is your first time dealing with the FTA.

You can find out more about this in the user documentation in ePortal. You will also find it under the question mark at the top right of the ePortal homepage.

Last modification 13.07.2023

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