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Here you will find everything on the subject of VAT: online returns, forms, the VAT number, registration and cancellation, deadline extensions, the basics of the VAT obligation and additional specialist information on VAT.

As English is not one of Switzerland's official languages, only the most important information on the Federal Tax Administration is translated into English. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. Please refer to the German, French or Italian version.

Frequently searched about the value added tax

What is the value added tax?

Value added tax (VAT) is a general consumption tax levied by the federal government.

VAT is based on the idea that those who consume something make a financial contribution to the state. However, it would be too complicated if every citizen had to account for all consumption with the state. The tax is therefore levied on businesses (producers, manufacturers, traders, craftspeople, service providers, etc.), which in turn are required to pass the VAT on to the consumer by including it in the price or listing it as a separate item on the invoice.

Questions & answers about VAT

If you have more questions about VAT, the German, French and Italian pages will provide answers.



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