International Fiscal Law

International tax law by country

International tax law by country

Here you can find double taxation agreements concluded by Switzerland and other publications relating to the country.
Automatic Exchange of Information AEOI

Automatic exchange of information AEOI

For AEOI purposes, the FTA transmits to the foreign tax authorities information on types of investment income and balances of client accounts of persons who are tax residents abroad.
Country-by-Country-Reporting CbCR

Country-by-Country-Reporting CbCR

With CbCR, the FTA exchanges country-specific reports of multinational companies with foreign tax authorities. They include turnover, taxes and key figures as well as information on all legal entities.
Administrative and Mutual Assistance in tax matters

Administrative and mutual assistance

Administrative and mutual assistance serves the international exchange of information between tax authorities and includes administrative assistance under double taxation agreements, the spontaneous exchange of information (SEOI) and tax administrative assistance under FATCA.

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