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Pay the bill for the corporate fee for radio and TV easily and quickly online via ePortal.

Radio and TV fee
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Annual invoices for the Radio and tv fee

Annual invoices  are issued between February and October as soon as all turnover data is available. The fee is payable within 60 days of billing (SR 784.40).

Payment term and annual tariff levels

Please note that you have 60 days to pay the invoice. If this period is too short for you or you cannot pay the amount at once, please contact the Debt Collection Division of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration: inkasso.rss(at)

The annual fee is determined according to the tariff levels defined by the Federal Council in Art. 67b RTVO, even if the company is deleted from the VAT register in the course of the year (for which the fee is due).

Invoice also available online

If your company has access to ePortal and has activated the Radio and tv fee (RTV), you will receive the invoice for this fee online. If your company does not yet use ePortal, you will receive the invoice by post. When you would like the invoice to be sent to an address other than the registered office adress, to a RTV correspondence adress, submit the information directly to us online via our contact form.

Monthly dispatch of annual invoices

The FTA sends out the bill for the annual radio and television fee over the period February to October.

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